MinJi Joo 

Korean American art director on the pursuit to culturally redefine what "advertising" is



My name is MinJi Joo. I am a senior advertising undergraduate at The University of Texas at Austin enrolled in the Texas Creative Program. I am an art director, a creative strategist, and a graphic designer based in Austin, Texas. I am currently seeking art director internships and full-time positions.


The first thing that I notice about someone is the condition of their shoes and nails. Although I am not a firm believer in astrology, I do resonate with my Pisces sun sign quite well... and my Sagittarius moon sign... also my Aquarius ascending sign. If you want to make me happy, a cold brew or toro nigiri will do.  



I am easily amused. You can constantly find me cracking up even in the most uncomfortable of situations. I cry regardless of which emotion I am intensely feeling. Bloody maries are my second drink of choice. If you see me in a pair of heels, I chose to be extra ambitious that day. I moonlight as an unlicensed therapist. 

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