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MAIP | A Major Learning Curve (Part 2)

Here are the main things that I have taken away from my MAIP internship experience on a personal and professional level.


Going into this internship, my mind was dead-set on a career/achievement-oriented mental scale. All that was circulating in my mind was to rack up my résumé, network like crazy, and really flex as hard as I could with my work. This sort of mindset really was self-detrimental. I think most industries, especially the ad industry, conditions you from the very beginning that the more you pile on, the more you are rewarded and applauded.

This would have to do with sense of fierce competition going in to get that ideal junior position. To self-advertise and brand yourself and stand out among other up-and-coming creatives. I am only 21 years-old and have not even made my official entry to the industry, and I am already burnt out. The countless hours toward building my portfolio, applying to jobs/internships like a mad man, and reaching out to so many people I cannot even keep track. I am already psyching myself out with the amount of work I and society have framed for myself. The key to all this... IS TO DO LESS.

Spending more time away from the screen, minimizing obligations and giving the ones you have the attention it needs, and stop thinking that you have to work hard to then reward yourself by playing hard.

The guilt of not working definitely settles in, but at least I do not want to yank all the hair off my scalp. Work-life balance can truly exists and I have implemented some practices from the following link that has really changed up my day-to-day routine for the better.

If you find this at all relatable please read this article


  • Set time boundaries for when you want to work

  • Find time to excercise and relax every day (you can start small then work your way up)

  • If you feel uncomfortable about something, YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE

  • Start shifting your mind for self-development rather than improvement

  • It's a safer bet to say "no" (or better to walk away from something than to tackle it on)

  • Take more time to get to know yourself and develop a set routine that works for you

  • Let go of things that are not adding value to your life (people, projects, even that ugly sweater that you keep out of some sort of sentiment)

  • Go on more vacations (no seriously it'll help with your creativity + productivity)

  • Experiment and find different hobbies you enjoy outside of work

BOTTOM LINE, do yourself a favor and stop tormenting yourself into doing work. Find pockets in your day to really enjoy other things in life. It will help you and your creativity + productivity. Work to live and do not live to work. That's on PERIODT!

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