Act on it 

INSIGHT: The fight against Asian American discrimination goes beyond unpacking lunchroom conversations and taking collective action to revolutionize on social media.  

Asian Americans have long faced racial and ethnic injustices such as cultural appropriation, educational inequity, and poverty. For decades, Asian Americans were forced to assimilate for survival. This forced assimilation often makes native cultures a source of discomfort and prompts deeper identity issues. 
Many Asian Americans have had these uncomfortable conversations in and out of home starting from a young age—often beginning with concerns over the contents of the lunchbox they brought to school.
We call these lunchbox conversations, which Quake wants to unpack. 
We need to go deeper.

Agency Members | MinJi Joo, Hannah Bae, Nia Larry, Iris Bilich, Nadia Burns, Kat Elyce, Taylor Ross, Stephanie Tran, Maria Cardona, Sanjna Pandey, Angela Diep, Nia Abreu-Boxill, Mingyo Lee, Ellis Hudson


Campaign Coach | Erica May, Media Director at 22squared


This campaign is a MAIP 2020 VEP Summer Project which is an immersive campaign series experience for fellows to apply their learnings and skills gained in Phase 1 and 2 of MAIP VEP. The goal is to solve brand challenges and social issues by executing seamlessly integrated marketing campaigns in partnership with MAIP alumni and partner agencies. 

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